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Parole Officer

Parole officers are instrumental in released prisoners rehabilitation and assimilation back into society. They provide a valuable service to parolees which they can utilize to become productive citizens again.

  • Make a difference in your community.
  • Be challenged and fulfilled.
  • Give back to the community with your social responsibilities.

Parole Officers and Probation Officers are often talked about as the same with regards to education, training and job description, but this is not the case. Parole officers work with individuals who have been released from prison prior to their actual release date. A parole officer helps parolees adjust back into society as well as help them avoid any actions that would jeopardize their parole status. Parole officers accomplish this by developing a plan for the parolee before he or she is released from prison. These plans usually consist of employment options, housing, education opportunities, drug screenings and other activities that help the parolee's rehabilitation into a community environment.

Most state and county parole jobs will require you to be at least 20years old and must have achieved a bachelor’s degree. Federal jobs require at least a year of graduate degree work. There are state and federal training and certifications which must be completed. You must possess the required licenses for carrying a firearm in your state, pass a background investigation, a drug screening and pass a psychological exam. Some states will require at least two years of work experience in a corrections or counseling setting where the applicant would have had experience counseling and providing solutions to educational, occupational, personal or social problems.

Average Salary: $45,910

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